About this blog

Land degradation is a very complex and multi-sectoral environmental issue and solutions to stop its worrying increasing rate are numerous - but hard to realize. There are a number of actors interacting at the international and transnational level to seek solutions. With the population increase and the climate change, pressure on land is growing and food security is highly threatened. In this regard, what are the solutions states are trying to implement? How well does that work? How do international environmental institutions respond to the issue and how do they perform? This blog aims to dive into this particular issue, with the central line of “what is the biggest challenge states and institutions established to tackle land degradation have to face? For a matter of space, the analysis will focus on one specific institution that has been created to respond to land degradation. The international institution that will be studied here is the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), established in 1994. The relationship between this specific issue and the institutional response will be at the center of the blog, while the main challenges faced will be strongly highlighted in the last part. Let’s start with an overview of the environmental problem of land degradation.